ca 1953-54
New Values Section

40-15 Vase
41-18 Vase
357-6 Bowl
597-7 Ash Tray
508-7 Basket
509-8 Basket
510-10 Basket
525-5 Planter
526-7 Bowl
527-7 Bowl
528-9 Bowl
529-9 Bowl
530-12 Bowl
531-14 Bowl
532-15 Bowl
533-10 Leaf Dish
533-10 Planter
534-16 Bowl
552-4 Planter
554-6 Planter
555-7 Planter
556-6 Cornucopia
557-7 Planter
558-7 Planter
563-10 Conch Shell
569-10 Window Box
570-13 Window Box
572-8 Planter
578-7 Planter
579-7 Vase
579-8 Vase
580-6 Vase
581-10 Vase
582-9 Vase
583-9 Vase
586-12 Vase
593-12 Vase
598-9 Ash Tray
599-13 Ash Tray
1013-5 Wall Pocket
1107-12 Ewer
C-1003-8 Vase
C-1004-9 Vase
C-1009-8 Bowl
C-1010-10 Bowl
C-1011-12 Bowl
 C-1016-10 Vase
C-1017-12 Vase
C-1118 Shell
C-1119 Shell
C-1120 Shell
C-1151 Candle Holders

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