Ivory patterns were copied from earlier patterns along with original patterns for the line. Accompanying each number will be the pattern used for that item.
New Values Section

1-6.5 Dog
2-4 Bookend Green
3-4.5 Wall shelf Green
10-12 Vase, Rozane
12-8 Compote, Volpato
17-3 Ashtray, Florentine
24-3.5 Shell Ashtray
28-9 Lady Flower Frog
43 Flower Frog
103-6 Covered Jar
105-8 Vase, Tourmaline
106-7 Cornucopia, Tourmaline
111 Triple Cornucopia Russco
115-7 Vase, Velmoss
115-10 Vase, Donatello
126-6 Cornucopia, Pine Cone
158-5 Rose Bowl, Rosecraft
196-12 Bowl, Futura
207-8 Bowl, Imperial
209-10 Vase, Volpato
222-12 Vase, Savona
236-3 Bowl, Solid colors,
238-5 Rose bowl, Tourmaline
249-12 Bowl, Topeo
267-6 Bowl
277-12 Bowl
301-10 Bowl, Moderne
302-14 Bowl Moderne
315-4 Rose Bowl Dawn
316-10 Vase Carnelian
317-10 Vase, Carnelian
327-8 Hanging Basket Donatello
337-10 Basket Russco
341-5 Vase Tuscany
344-7 Basket Crystal Green
345-8 Basket Dawn
346-9 Tuscany
356-8 Basket Crystal Green
371-6 Vase Savona
374-8 Vase Savona
378-3.5 Window Box
385-10 Bowl
435-10 Vase Futura
467-5 Vase, Imperial
548-4 Flower pot Matt Green
549-4 Flower Pot Matt Green
550-4 Jardiniere Antique Matt Green
575-4 Jardiniere Donatello
585-4 Vase
586-8 Vase
630-4 Flower Pot
630-5 FLower Pot
679-6 Vase Tourmaline
702-12 Vase Russco
703-15 Vase Russco
722-14 Vase Velmoss
736-8 Vase Orian
740-10 Vase Orian
836-12 Crysal Green
837-14 Vase Crystal Green
1093-4 Candlestick Topeo
1095-4.5 Double Candelabra Topeo
1096-4 Double Candelabra
1103-4.5 Candlestick Orian
1112-5.5 Triple Candelabra Moderne 1212-12 Wall Pocket Donatello
1236-9 Wall Pocket Rosecraft
1273-8 Wall Pocket Pine Cone
3645-5 Hanging Basket Matt Green

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