This pattern was produced in Conneticutt and was after the official closing of the plant in Ohio.
Omitted from most books I have included the numbers without a picture as one was not available.

New Values Section

101-7 Ashtray
102-8 Cigarette box/ashtray
103-8 Ashtray
104-10 Ashtray
105-10 Ashtray
201-7 Seafood tray
202-10 Compartment tray
203-12 Compartment tray
204-13 Compartment Tray
205-14 Compartment Tray
301-7 Bowl
302-8 Bowl
303-9 Bowl
304-10 Bowl
305-12 Bowl
306-12 Bowl
307-10 Bowl
308-9 Bowl
401-4.5 Candlestick
402-4.75 Candlestick
501-7 Footed Bowl
503-9 Footed Bowl
505-10 Footed Bowl
601-6 Vase
602-8 Vase
603-8 Vase
604-8 Vase
605-8 Vase
606-8 Vase
607-8 Vase
608-10 Vase
609-10 Vase
610-10 Vase
611-12 Vase
612-12 Vase
613-12 Vase
613-14 Vase
614-10 Vase
615-6 Vase
615-6 Vase

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