New Values Section

17-4.5 Flower Block
255-6 Rose bowl
257-8 Bowl
258-12 Bowl
631-4 Jardiniere
631-5 Jardiniere
631-6 Jardiniere
631-7 Jardiniere
631-8 Jardiniere and Pedestal
631-9 Jardiniere
631-10 Jardiniere and Pedestal
683-6 Vase
684-6 Vase
685-7 Vase
686-7 Vase
687-8 Vase
688-8 Vase
689-8 Vase
690-9 Vase
691-12 Vase
692-14 Vase
693-15 Vase
771-15 Sand Jar
1097-4.5 Candlestick
1272-8 Wall Pocket

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