ca 1905-40

Unmarked, transfer images. There are other holland/Dutch pieces from associated with Dutch pattern that needs to be separated from this pattern.

All Dutch pieces have one color backgrounds with no other colors other than the decals on the pieces.



Adult Set 250-300
Chamber Pot/Lid 125-150
Combinet/Lid 125-150
Mug 35-45
Pitcher 75-100
Pitcher/Bowl 150-175
Soap Dish/Lid 75-100
Tumbler 25-35
Child's Set 125-175
Child's Potty/Lid 125-150
Tooth Brush Holder 100-125
No.6 Mug 5-10
No.8 Mug 8-12
No.9 Mug 15-18
No.15 Mug 20-25
No.16 Mug 20-25
No.856 Mug 35-45
No.1 Pitcher 100-125
No.2 Pitcher 125-150
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